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Manufactured with superior quality steel, advanced technologies, designed for use with compressed air or fluid circulation systems.Regular and Jet circulation available.Cutting structures allow optimum penetration rates and long runs even in the most difficult and abrasive formations.Weight on the bit is distributed through a five part anti-friction bearing matched and ground with precision to tolerances […]

Drag bits are available in both “Step” and “Chevron” configurations. Manufactured with high quality alloy steel, the blades are reinforced with tungsten carbide inserts.These bits perform best in softer, unconsolidated formations (limestone sandstone – marl).Widely used in mining, construction, exploration and water well drilling applications. Diameter (inch) Diameter (mm.) Pin type 1 7/8 – 2 47.6 […]

PDC bits (Polycrystalline Diamond Bits) represent an innovative technology for drilling in oil field, water and mining activities . The PDC bits are manufactured with a steel or sintered matrix body equipped with diamond polycrystalline cutters, strategically positioned. The cutters numbers depend on blades number and bit diameter. These bits are strongly wear-resistant and allow […]

These tools are ideal for drilling through chert, gravel, shale and generally in all formations averagely consolidated. The pilot bit is threaded to the body; the bits, assembled on bit holders in an increasing quantity depending on the diameter, are easily replaced when totally worne out.

Down the hole hammers are the ideal tools for rock drilling in water wells, mining and quarry, consolidation and injection.The last generation series of hammer dth is formed by valveless pneumatic tools with a unique design that makes it one of the most powerful and universal hammers dth on today’s market, that can work with […]

Manufactured in a wide variety of downhole percussion DTH bits for all popular hammers.Each manufacturing stage of the DTH bits, from forging to button insertion, is made with modern methods and stringent quality control standards.Bits are available in three designs each for a specific type of formation.The “RockBuster” design is the Ultimate button DTH bit […]

The eccentric system is recomended when overburden situation must be solved.When using the eccentric system ,casing the hole is simultaneous with the drilling operation.Eccentric system is capable of drilling in formations such as tough overburdens, gravel ,sand incoherent rocks, boulders and clay. Eccentric system features: a guide device to fit all polpular brands of Down […]

Sharpening the buttons of your bit with specific grinders and high quality tools increases drilling efficiency and makes you save money and time.The VS – 220 HD (20,000 PM) grinder is easy to use and is employed with special “Super Diarroc” tools that contemporarily remove part of the bit surface and sharpen the tungsten carbide […]

Our workshop is able to manufacture Hole Openers with cutters in sizes from 6″ (152 mm.) to 48″ (1220 mm.) Our Hole Openers are manufactured with sealed bearing milled tooth or tungsten carbide insert cutters, according to the type of formation to drill. Drilling mud circulation for removal of cuttings is assured through the nozzles […]

Horizontal directional drilling (No-Dig) is a valid environmental method for installing underground pipes and cables, in soil and in rock, from the smallest up to the larger sizes. State-of-the-art, innovative technologies are today in use, that require making an initial pilot hole, then spread out, even at successive stages, with HOLE OPENER. Our company specializes […]

The “ADT” Underreamer is a tool that allows to enlarge a hole previously drilled at the depths wanted in soft – medium soft formation. The tool features 2 or 3 expendable arms that are kept retrieved during descent into the hole. The arms are pushed out in drilling position by the mud pressure or compressed […]

DDIAM PPASSO ISPESS. FDIAM. TUBO EATTACCO L=1000 L=1500 PESO PESO 100 100 8 60 41 15,5 22,5 110 110 8 60 41 16 23 120 120 8 60 41 17 24 130 130 8 60 41 18 25 140 140 8 60 41 19 28 150 150 8 60 41 20 29 160 160 8 […]

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