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Junior Standard ShakerThe Junior Standard Shaker is perfect for any small drilling operation. Constructed on a skid , each unit is equipped with explosion proof 3 HP motor (50 or 60 Hz – 3 phase) , powering the higher performance vibrating assembly.Screens size 3Ftx3Ft-Screens avaiable from 10 to 60 Mesh.-Max Rate of 1000-1200 Lit/min with […]

MUD HOPPER – MUD MIXER MUD HOPPER A complete assembly, easy and efficient, that allows a perfect preparation of drilling mud with polymers or bentonite. The products to mix are intaken, into the hopper, by the vacuum effect created by a Venturi element in the downstream line. Turbolence provides a rapid and uniform dispersion.It is […]

Mud guns are mounted inside the tank for perfect mixing and suspension of solids. -Powered with centrifugal pump

DATI TECNICI: – Tank Capacity m3 1,2 – Hourly production m3 12 – Mixing time min. 5 – Pump delivery L/min. 2.500 AVAILABLE WITH: – Electric engine HP15 220/380 V – 50 Hz – diesel engine HP 20 2000 RPM DIMENSIONS: – Width 1.900 mm. – Lenght 1.800 mm. – Height 1.400 mm. – Weight […]

-Mud agitators are designed to increase performance of solids removal equipment , maintain uniform drilling mud density , to prevent solids setting. Each assembly is compact , and is powered by explosion-proof electrical motor.

Rugged and reliable, these storage tanks can be easily assembled and disassembled directly on your rig site in a matter of minutes. Square-based, they are installed on rigs for storage of water, chemicals, bentonite and polymeric mud. A sturdy metal frame, made up of galvanized tubes and corner couplings, wrapped by an extrastrong, heat-sealed fabric […]

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