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Business Ethics

Adriatech Business Ethics
Business Ethics

Business Ethics is an umbrella term under which ethical and moral rights and duties are applied in a company within its human resources and towards customers, suppliers, social institutions, environment.

Ethics cover:

– Respect of human rights and of the privacy of the employees;
– Observance of all laws relating to the fairness of the employement contract;
– Ethical issues regarding environment protection;
– Compliance to occupational safety and health rules;
– Strict inside-office observance of moral principles such as:

>Moral behavior
>Impartiality and equity
>Protection and respect of each individual
>Honesty and integrity
Adriatech management promulgates within its staff the understanding awareness and application of the ethical rules listed above, exerting all efforts required to make sure that these rules are strictly observed, hence guaranteeing constant respectful attendance and service.

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