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Drilling Fluid Testing Equipment

4 scale metal and plastic sludge scales are available

The Marsh funnel viscometer has been used for many years to obtain an indication of the relative viscosity of drilling fluids. It is calibrated for the flow of one liter (946 mL) of fresh water at a temperature of 70 ± 5 ° F (21 ± 3 ° C) in 26 ± 0.5 seconds. The […]

The Viscometer determines the rheological characteristics of drilling fluids and cement at atmospheric pressure. It features a simple speed control knob and a lighted dial for easy reading. It operates on univeral voltage, making it ideal for both field and lab use.

The Filter Press provides a quick, easy way to evaluate the filtration properties of a drilling fluid. This instrument consists of a pressure cell, frame, pressure source, filter medium, and a graduated cylinder. It conforms to API specifications, and is suitable for both field and lab use.

The Roller Ovens is a valuable aid in determining the effects of temperature on the drilling fluid as it circulates through the well bore. The roller kiln is designed to provide heating and rolling functionality simultaneously or independently. This oven can hold six 260ml cells or three 500ml cells.

The rheometer is a direct indication rotary viscometer. The tool is powered by a crank which drives the spindle through a precision gear. The shift cam selects between fixed speeds of 300 and 600 RPM. A knob on the gear cam hub determines the force of the fluid.

The kit includes a practical resistant case containing mud scale, marsh funnel, graduated container Dimensions: 23 “× 10,25” × 11 “(58 × 26 × 28 cm)Weight: 4,26 kg

One of the main functions of a drilling fluid is to transport drilled solids from the well hole. These solids can cause numerous problems. The Sand Test Kit determines the volume percentage of sand-sized particles in the drilling fluid. The API defines sand particles as any material larger than 74 µm (200 mesh). The kit […]

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