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The continuous necessity of deeper waterwells has requested more powerful drilling machines with torque capacity up to 3000 Kg.m. For this reason, it is extremely necessary to employ drill pipes that can withstand very strong torsional stress. Our “Premium” drill pipes present the following features: Tool joint in 38NC D4 steel, precision-machined with automatic lathe; […]

Drill collars are heavy drill string members used as weight thus forcing the bit to penetrate the formation being drilled. The collars are made from selected bars of chromium molybdenum alloy steel AISI 4145 H bored by trepanning to ensure close tolerance of bore alignment. All drill collars are full length heat trated to obtain […]

Employed in rotary drilling with fluid circulation in particularly difficult soil. Manufactured with cold-drawn seamless steel tubing with box/pin end threadings.Heavy duty casing is also available where tubings have a greater thickness compared to the standard kind.Penetration of the soil is obtained by using a casing shoe having tungsten carbide inserts or a diamond core […]

Scarpe di Rivestimento Diam. riv. 44 54 64 84 98 114 127 133 152 178 194 203 219 244 254 Diam. foro 46 56 66 86 101 116 130 137 156 181 197 206 222 248 258

Manufactured from quality AISI 4145 H alloy steel API REGULAR API I.F. API F.H. API X HOLE STENICK ETC. Le riduzioni possono essere fornite complete di valvole di non ritorno, lunghezze fuori standard e piani chiave su misura.

n rotary drilling with rock bits or down-the-hole percussion hammers, it is of great importance that a good stabilization be guaranteed. Stabilization assures that the rock bits or hammer will rotate about their own center thus causing energies and forces exerted on it to be most efficiently utilized in an axial direction. Hole stabilizers strategically […]

The Float Valve mainly prevents back flow inside the drilling string,avoiding formation of plugs inside the bits and cuttings to flow back into the drill pipe. They are avaiable in two models: VALVES MODEL “F” PLUNGER TYPE VALVES MODEL “G” FLAPPER TYPE For a correct choice of float valves depending on API Connection, consult the […]

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