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Casing Cutter

The AD-CASING CUTTER is an hydraulic cutting tool for single casing operations at precise depth.
The tool features 3 steel knives with TC HardColoy, positioned at 120°, that during the string lowering into the well are contained inside the recess in the cutter body. As soon as the depth is reached, the knives are pushed in cutting position by a pivoting mechanism that is activated by mud pressure that act on a rugged piston positioned in the body centre.
The rotary is turned at a suggested cutting speed. Rotation is continued and circulation is started through the tool.
Circulation is increased to a rate that will produce an appropriate pressure drop across the nozzle , positioned in the piston.
Rotation is continued until a decrease in the torque and a pressure drop indicate that the cut has been made. It is recommended that Stabilizers and Centralizers be mounted in strategic position in the cutting string..



Body Diam. 

Casing Diam. 

tool L. 


AD-Casing Cutter 375

3 3/4″

from 4 1/2″ to 8 1/2″


2 3/8″ A.R.

AD-Casing Cutter 575

5 3/4″

from 7 1/2″ to 13 1/2″

54 1/2″

4 1/2″ A.R.

AD-Casing Cutter 775

7 3/4″

from 14″ to 36″


6 1/2″ o 6 5/8″ A.R.

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