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Special Mud Additives

Pipe freeing agent

PRESANTIL is a special blend of surfactants used to formulate spotting fluids for freeing stuck pipes.
It is mainly used in unweighted spotting fluid. PRESANTIL breaks down the cake which is forced to dehydrate and the oil can penetrate between the porous formations and the drill string. The lubricants and the oil wetting agent contained in PRESANTIL enable the pipe to be freed.

The quantity of PRESANTIL to be used with diesel oil is usally 3-5% but could be higher (up to 10%) in difficult situations.

165 kg. iron drums

Cake dispersant

REOTAN L is a synthetic polyelectrolite used in oil and water wells as a dispersant of the cakes made by bentonite or polymeric products used to make-up the drilling fluid. Its principal role is to break-up the cake completely, cleaning the formation thoroughly, thus allowing maximum well productivity.
After using REOTAN L in water wells, it is advisable to wash the well with fresh water in order to remove possible residues of the product.

The quantity of REOTAN L to be used in water is between 0,1 – 0,6%. Leave product inside well, at the productive stratus, for about 6-8 hours.

110 kg. iron drums

String lubricant

LUBRICANT F/16 is a non toxic lubricant used in water based drilling fluid.
Advantages obtained using LUBRICANT F/16 are:

  • lubricity coefficient reduction
  • torque and friction reduction
  • prevents pipe key seating
  • increases penetration rate

LUBRICANT F/16 is very stable in high temperatures, it is also used in geothermal drilling.

Mud composition will suggest the concentration required. Weighted and/or high solid muds will require a higher concentration of LUBRICANT F/16 than unweighted system.
The following guideline may be considered:

  • To reduce friction and torque— 5/50 l/cM
  • To free stuck pipe— 150-200 l/cM

25 kg. drum


LAMSPERSE HS is a water soluble chrome free dispersant.

LAMSPERSE HS offers the following advantages:

  • It is free of heavy toxic metals such as chrome;
  • It is immediately soluble in the drilling fluid;
  • It does not cause any foaming, specially in salty muds;
  • It is more effective, thus requires less handling.

To prepareTernarie “Bentonite-Cement” mixture, the LAMSPERSE HS added to solution before cement acts as bentonite dispersant and anti-flocculant.

LAMSPERSE HS is used from 1/4 of the lignite dosage. Suggested dosage is between 0,5 and 3,0 kg/cM.

25 kg. plastic drum


It is a a concentrated biocide in liquid form used to control aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in drilling and completion fluids.
Carbosan 125/TR is completely soluble in water and has a very low toxicity.

Dosage if 0,3 ÷ 1,2 Kg./cM is sufficient to ensure a complete kill situation.

25 kg. plastic drum

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